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“Know Him More”, 2009 Women’s Conference–Bethesda Baptist Church, Ellerslie, GA

To the Women of Bethesda Baptist Church,

 Greetings in the Name of Jesus!  I hope you are all having a wonderful re-entry week following the “Know Him More” Conference.  I am so grateful that it was in God’s Plan for me to be with you at the conference.  I was blessed by your hospitality, friendliness, the great cooks, amazing decorating and design skills, organizational ability; the list could go on and on but the most important thing I can say about the women of Bethesda Baptist is “you love the Lord!”

 The accommodations from the time I arrived in Columbus until I headed south to return home made me feel special and loved.  Your generous monetary gift was so appreciated.  Thank you for sowing into my life and ministry.

 Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special time.  I “Know Him More” because of my time with you.

Don’t forget to make your plans to take the 2010 Journey to Knowing Him More. It’s a life-changing trip and I don’t want to go without you!  If you subscribe to my blog (on right) I keep you updated with the details.

 Thanking God for you!

 Dianne Guthmuller

The Piano

moms bday surprise 002


When I was in the fourth grade my Dad bought me a piano.  It was one of those huge, upright kinds with the mirror on the top.  It was used but in my ten year old mind I thought it was the biggest and best piano in the world!  I immediately began to take lessons and didn’t stop until my sophomore year of high school.  In high school I played on Sundays and Wednesdays at the little Baptist church I attended.

After I got married and left home (yes, in that order) I could not wait to have a house so I could have my piano with me.  When that day finally arrived, my Dad loaded up the piano in the back of his pickup truck and drove the 80 plus miles to bring it to me.  It was so heavy he thought he there was no need to tie it down—big mistake.  When he made a left turn the piano flipped out of the truck onto the road.  Just imagine driving by and seeing someone frantically picking up “the ivories” and throwing them into the back of a truck.  It must have been a funny sight, but it wasn’t funny to my Dad.  My Dad knew nothing about music, but he was very proud of himself for picking this particular piano.  Everyone who played it said it had a beautiful sound, so needless to say, he was just sick when saw it lying on the road in hundreds of pieces.  I’m sure he said a few choice words when it happened, but he got over it quickly and made a plan.  After loading up all the parts he found a guy about 15 miles from where I lived who fixed pianos and he immediately took it to him, before he ever came to our house!  Remember, this was before cell phones and internet; I have no idea how he did it, but that was my Dad—the ultimate make-it-happen kind of guy!

We moved several times over the years and the piano always went with us until one day I decided that I was tired of the piano—it didn’t match my furniture, it took up too much space, it was hard to move and I really didn’t play it that much.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want a piano; I just didn’t want THAT piano.  My son Jeremy had a friend whose Mom wanted a piano really bad, so we worked out trade for her son to tutor Jeremy in exchange for the piano. So, in 1992, my piano again rode away in a pickup truck to its new home.

A year or so later we moved to our dream house and got a new piano.  It was a little spinet; and yes, it matched my furniture, but it sure didn’t have the big, clear sound that my old piano had.  This piano didn’t stay in the family very long. It wasn’t because it didn’t look good or match my furniture; I had to sell it to pay bills.  A lot had changed since my old piano left. I was a now a single parent and my Dad had died of cancer.  Why did I get rid of my Dad’s piano?  I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself that question.  I am sure my Dad was really hurt when I gave it away; but he never said anything.

Many years have passed; I think about my Dad and the piano almost every time I see an old upright piano and I say to myself, “Why did I get rid of my Dad’s piano?”  As time has marched on and the grandkids have arrived I have thought many times of what it would be like to have that old piano around for Christmas carols and birthday songs.  I have even mentioned to my kids, “I wish I could get my piano back.”

Yesterday I returned home from a week-long trip with the grandkids.  It had been a long day of driving and I couldn’t wait to get home.  It was going to be especially quiet because my husband Harry was away on a business trip.  When I drove down the winding road to my house I noticed my daughter Krista’s car.  It was parked in a funny spot.  What was she doing at my house?  As I got closer, I saw my son-in-law Larry’s work truck and really became confused—why are they at my house?

I quickly got out of the car; the door was locked.  “What is going on” I thought.  I rushed to unlock the door and hurried in to see; I could not believe it, a piano — MY piano — MY DAD’S PIANO!  Where did it come from, how did they do it, who did it?  I was in shock.  All I knew was that my piano that I thought was gone forever was home.

I guess my kids were listening to my lamenting over the years.  About a month before my birthday they decided it would be a great birthday present to buy the piano back from Jeremy’s friend’s Mom.  So, my younger daughter Krista wrote a letter, took it to the piano’s owner’s house, and taped it on the front door because no one was home.  In the letter she explained the desire of her and her brother and sister to buy back the piano for my birthday.

This sweet woman said yes, to my childrens’ offer!

After about 15 minutes of asking questions and finding out how this miracle came to be, it hit me, “I’m sitting on the same bench in front of the same piano my Dad bought me 44 years ago AND my children loved me enough to make it happen.”—The tears began to flow and as my husband Harry will tell you, “this girl doesn’t cry very often.” I know and have always known that my children love and appreciate me.  I also know that my Dad loved me but now I have something tangible, my piano to remind me of their love forever.

Last night’s “Releasing the Sound” Concert

Jennie leading worship at "Releasing the Sound" concert

Jennie leading worship at "Releasing the Sound" concert

Last night’s concert was so wonderful that I am still revisiting it my mind today.  Niceville Assembly of God’s  Worship Choir ministered with Jennie Riddle at the first annual “Releasing the Sound” concert.  The sanctuary was almost full.  The two hour concert seemed like just a few minutes. Jennie is a songwriter from Texas, who has written many songs but the one that you will most likely recognize is the “Revelation Song.”  I had so many emotions as I enjoyed the presence of God. Below are a few of my thoughts:

  • The music (lyrics, voices, and instruments) was so anointed that I was brought to tears several times as the words penetrated my heart.  For me this really says alot because I don’t cry very often.  The funny thing is, I wish I could cry, but I think I have already cried most of the tears alotted for my lifetime. It was a special time with the Lord for me.
  • I was so proud of our worship leaders, choir, musicians, sound and lighting teams.  They did an exceptional job.  This was definitely a Colossians 3:23 effort by everyone involved.
  • Will and Crystal always amaze me, but last night I was brought to tears; (maybe the dam has busted on this tear thing 🙂 ), as I remembered the last 8-10 years they have dedicated their lives to ministering through song at Niceville AG.  They co-authored one of the songs sung last night with Jennie called, “King of this World”.  The words say things I would want to say, but could never articulate.  Now through their gift I can say those words to MY God.  Thank You so much!   Their song writing is a blessing to me.  Their gifts, calling, and anointing are completely aligned.  It is who God made them to be.   I know they paid a price for the songs God has given them… because most of the time God chooses to use broken people.  I am grateful for their willingness to take their every day trials and use them for the glory of God.
  • I just read in my Chronological One Year Bible this morning about the 10th commandment, “Thou shall not covet,” but I have to tell you that Jesus was so reflected in the countenance and spirit of Jennie Riddle that I said, “I want that!”  It’s so funny, Jennie has so many gifts that a person could covet  —  her song-writing, her beautiful voice,  her gift to speak with confidence, sincerity, and clarity just to name a few … but her beauty in Christ is the most powerful gift.  This is so encouraging.  We  all do not have the gift to write life-changing songs,  sing like an angel,  or speak with confidence and conviction but EVERY Christian does have the gift to reflect Jesus through their countenance, attitude, and daily lives.  Lord, help others to see you in EVERTHING that we do!   (Colossians 3:23)
  • Tommorrow, Sunday, February 8th at Niceville AG, Jennie and our Worship choir will be leading us in worship and then Jennie will be speaking.    Check out Niceville AG, Will and Crystal Yates and Jennie Riddle on my [Links] section on this blog.
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