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Concerns of the Heart–Get it on the Outside –Jeremiah 12:2

Today’s Scripture Reading:  Jeremiah 12:1 through Jeremiah 15:21

“Get it on the outside!”  That’s what I say to my husband when I see him staring off in space, with a look of deep thought.

Why do I do that?

I’m nosy—I want to know the heart stuff; the best stuff—not just the surface stuff; what’s really going on, who he really is.  Some of our best times are early mornings on the porch, sipping coffee, and getting the concerns of our heart “on the outside.”

Jeremiah had some concerns about the hearts of “wicked and evil people,” those folks whose lips and hearts don’t speak the same language:

Lord, you always give me justice when I bring a case before you.

So let me bring you this complaint:

Why are the wicked so prosperous?

Why are evil people so happy?

You have planted them, and they have taken root and prospered.

Your name is on their lips, but you are far from their hearts. —Jeremiah 12:1-2


It’s very tempting

to get on board with Jeremiah and talk about “those” people–

the ones who are wicked and evil

AND have

  • a great job
  • a great house
  • a great bank account
  • great health
  • a great family

“These people” say all the right things; they talk about God, maybe even attend church but when we see glimpses of their heart through their actions, they are just following their own desires and worshipping the images of the gods of the day. (Jeremiah 9:13)

Actually, I would rather talk about “those” people,

But I can’t.

I’m too busy thinking about myself.

I’m too busy thinking about the inside; the part of me that’s probably worse than “those” people.

It is so easy; actually it’s very comforting to point my finger at what others do and don’t do, but we all have a heart problem. That’s why we needed a Savior; that’s why Jesus came.  It’s all about the heart!

  • For whatever is in your heart determines what you say. –Matthew 12:34
  • Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.  –Proverbs 4:23

This is my prayer on those days when my heart is determining the wrong words and has me on the wrong course in life:

Have mercy on me, O God,

because of your unfailing love.

Because of your great compassion,

blot out the stain of my sins.

Wash me clean from my guilt.

Purify me from my sin.

For I recognize my rebellion; it haunts me day and night.

Against you, and you alone, have I sinned; I have done what is evil in your sight.

You will be proved right in what you say, and your judgment against me is just.

For I was born a sinner—

yes, from the moment my mother conceived me.

But you desire honesty from the womb,

teaching me wisdom even there.

Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean;

wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

Oh, give me back my joy again; you have broken me—now let me rejoice.

Don’t keep looking at my sins. Remove the stain of my guilt.

Create in me a clean heart, O God.

Renew a loyal spirit within me.

Do not banish me from your presence,

and don’t take your Holy Spirit from me.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation,

and make me willing to obey you.

Psalm 51:1-12

In Jesus’ Name.  Amen and Amen!



© 2012 Dianne Guthmuller

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  Jeremiah 16:1 through Jeremiah 18:23; Jeremiah 35:1-19

A Comparison Game We’ll Never Win–Isaiah 40

Today’s Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 40:1 through Isaiah 44:5

Do you ever compare…

  • Yourself to others?
  • Your bank account to others’ bank accounts?
  • Your house to others’ houses?
  • Your spouse to others’ spouses?
  • Your children to others’ children?
  • Your animals to others’ animals?
  • Your body, hair, or wrinkles to others?
  • Your troubles to others’ troubles?


Produce, smartphones, computers, schools, etc. Today’s world promotes it.

After all, isn’t that how we get the best value?

What happens when you win the game?

What happens when you lose the game?

In Isaiah 40, our Heavenly Father, through the prophet Isaiah asks a few questions about comparison:

  • To whom can you compare God? (v.18)
  • What image can you find to resemble him (God)? (v.18)
  • Can he (God) be compared to an idol formed in a mold, overlaid with gold, and decorated with silver chains? (v.19)
  • Haven’t you heard? (v.21)
  • Don’t you understand? (v.21)
  • Are you deaf to the words of God—the words he gave before the world began? (v.21)
  • Are you so ignorant? (v.21)
  • To whom will you compare me? (v.25)
  • Who is my equal? (v.25)
  • Who created the stars? (v.26)
  • Have you never heard? (v.26)
  • Have you never understood? (v.26)

I know this is going to sound like a repeat of yesterday’s post, but if we look  below the surface of our need to compare, we’ll find a pride issue.

We must, WE MUST, WE MUST—run from anything that remotely looks like or feels like pride.

For Christ-followers, we can be and can do amazing things–

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.  —Philippians 4:13

With one condition—no comparison game/no pride

Remember all those questions in Isaiah 40; God answers them in that same chapter and puts EVERYONE of us, great and small, strong and weak, young and old in our place:

  • God sits above the circle of the earth.  The people below seem like grasshoppers to  him! (v.22)
  • He judges the great people of the world and brings them all to nothing. (v.23)
  • The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. (v.28)
  • He (God) never grows weak or weary.  No one can measure the depths of his understanding.  (v.28)
  • He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.
  • Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.  They will soar high on wings like eagles.  They will run and not grow weary.  They will walk and not faint.  (v.30-31)

Do we compare ourselves and even at times compete with God?  By seeking, wanting, and sometimes demanding…

  • Our will not his will
  • Our way not his ways

Friends, this is a game we cannot win.  There is none like the Living God!

YouTube Preview Image

Dear Father God, help us to fight against playing the comparison game.  Teach us, change us, and then use us for your Glory!

In Jesus Name.  Amen and Amen!



© 2012 Dianne Guthmuller

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Isaiah 44:6 through Isaiah 48:11

From Extreme Need to Extreme Miracle to Extreme Failure–2 Chronicles 32:24-31

Today’s Scripture Reading:  2 King 19:1-19; Isaiah 37:1-20; 2 Chronicles 32:9-19; 2 Kings 19:20-37; Isaiah 37:21-38; 2 Chronicles 32:20-23

Today we are reading about  a day of extremes—

  • an extreme, life-threatening need
  • an extreme, supernatural miracle
  • an extreme, human failure

“Set your affairs in order; for you are going to die.  You will not recover from this illness.” –2 Kings 20:1

These words would literally knock most of us off our feet, if we heard them from our doctor.  But if we heard them from the God who made us…we would probably forget “setting our affairs in order” and just lie down and die.

Isaiah had been the bearer of good news twice in yesterday’s reading, and then today he brings a death sentence.

But, when Hezekiah received Isaiah’s message from God, he immediately went to the Lord.

Hezekiah prayed a one-sentence prayer, broke down and cried out to God

Remember, O Lord, how I have always been faithful to you and have served you single-mindedly, always doing what pleases you.  —2 Kings 20:3

God answered his prayer.

Hezekiah, like most of us, wanted a sign he would recover.  God gave him one of the most amazing miracles we have recorded in the Bible:  The sun receded by 10 degrees on the sundial.

What gave Hezekiah the confidence to come before the Lord so boldly?

  • Trust in God
  • The discipline of prayer

Hezekiah believed his God…

  • was real
  • was in control
  • heard his prayer
  • could change his mind

Oh the joy and celebration that must have gone on that day—the king was dying and now he has a 15-year “get-out-of-jail-free” card!  How powerful Hezekiah was (so he thought)—he prayed to the Lord, God healed him AND gave him a miraculous sign!


Hezekiah did not respond appropriately to the kindness shown him, and he became proud (2 Chron. 32:24-31).

How could someone who trusted God, had a consistent prayer life and believed God…

•         was real

•         was in control

•         heard his prayer

…become Proud?

Before the Garden, before the forbidden fruit, before the bite that opened the eyes of two people and left an indelible, sinful mark on all of humanity – another fall took place. This one was invisible, silent, and sudden. God’s worship leader, “full of wisdom and perfect in beauty,” grew jealous of the attention God constantly received. His pride convinced him that he was worthy of more. Greed consumed him and then, he fell.

In heaven – as it should be and one day will be on earth – nothing is permitted to receive glory but God alone. Lucifer not only found himself declined for the position of becoming co-glorious with God, but was banished, expelled, and thrown down from God’s lofty throne room. Instead of giving way to brokenness and humility, Satan’s pride boils over in anger and bitterness and vengeance – still today.                    (

How you are fallen from heaven,

O shining star, son of the morning (Lucifer, Satan*)!

You have been thrown down to the earth,

you who destroyed the nations of the world.

For you said to yourself,

‘I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God’s stars.

I will preside on the mountain of the gods

far away in the north.

I will climb to the highest heavens

and be like the Most High.’

Isaiah 14:12-14

*Explanation mine

Friends, pride is as old as the Garden of Eden and as new as our first thought this morning.  Satan even tried to get Jesus to succumb to pride (Luke 4:1-13).  We must daily rely on the Holy Spirit to show us the areas in our hearts where pride wants to cause us to go the way of Hezekiah.

Holy Spirit, please shine a light on our hearts, reveal the areas in our lives where seeds of pride have been planted, and help us to break free of the sin that can keep us from being all that you planned for us to be.

In Jesus Name.  Amen and Amen!



© 2012 Dianne Guthmuller

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 40:1 through Isaiah 44:5

A Comparison We need to Make — Proverbs 30:1-6

 Today’s Scripture Reading: Proverbs 30:1-31:31

“Wow! I love hanging out with Judy (fictional name)! I always feel so smart and together after our visits!”

Sometimes we compare ourselves to others and walk away feeling downright good about ourselves. Sometimes, we leave one of our friends have a week-long pity party because we’re not like them.

Yes, we need to take time to count our blessings and Yes, the Bible tells us that friends sharpen us like iron (Proverbs 27:17) but there are better ways to do that than gloating on the weaknesses of others or feeling like our friends are so superior they are doing us a favor by speaking to us.

Today I saw a comparison in Proverbs 30:1-6 that needs to happen often in my life.


    • Am Weary
    • Am Worn out
    • Am To stupid to be human
    • Lack Common Sense
    • Have not mastered human wisdom
    • Don’t know the Holy One


But God…

    • Goes up to heaven and comes back down
    • Holds the wind in his fists
    • Wraps the ocean in his cloak
    • Has created the whole wide world
    • Proves His every word to be true
    • Is a shield to all who come to him for protection

Friends, it’s okay to lose this comparison game.

Throughout God’s Word we see the sin of pride causing the most noble and godly to fall. I know it has been my biggest struggle in my life.

You may be thinking, “I” don’t have a pride problem.

You may not, but here’s are 10 questions to help you do a pride checkup:

  1.   Are you controlling?
  2.   Are you judgmental?
  3.   Are you insecure?
  4.   Do you always have to be right?
  5.   Do you love to argue, always need the last word?
  6.   Have problems listening?
  7.   Are you irritable and impatient?
  8.   Hate being corrected?
  9.   Do you feel life is really “all about you?”
  10. Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?

I have and sometimes continue to struggle with these ten “pride” symptoms. God has used “life” to work on me. I’m not where I want to be but thanks be to God I’m not where I was.

If we continually remind ourselves of the vastness of our God and the smallness and frailty of our life and being, we won’t have time to compare ourselves to others and we won’t have anything to be “proud” about.

Heavenly Father, forgive me for seeing myself superior to others. Forgive me for seeing myself below others. Show me the areas of pride in my life. Continually remind me of how I compare to You, so I can forget about me and know You more and help others to know You too!


In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!


© 2012 Dianne Guthmuller

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Psalms 42-46


We are What We Worship–2 Kings 17: 14-15

Today’s Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 28:1-29; 2 Kings 17:5; 2 Kings 18:9-12; 2 Kings 17:6-41; Isaiah 1:1-20

Have you heard the cliché, “We are what we eat”?  The saying on this t-shirt says it all about the food most of us eat in today’s world—fast, cheap, and easy.

In the 21st century that’s pretty much the way we want to worship—fast, cheap, and easy.

  • “We don’t have time to go to discipleship classes  AND worship on Sunday morning…No way that’s our family time!” –We want to get in and get out.
  • “I’ll worship when it’s convenient”—in other words, worship can’t cost me any time, money or energy, if it does, I’m outta here.
  • “I don’t understand the Bible and I just can’t overcome my bad habits; it’s just too hard to serve the Lord!”

So just like we are what we eat; we are what we worship:

But the Israelites would not listen. They were as stubborn as their ancestors who had refused to believe in the Lord their God.   They rejected His decrees and the covenant He had made with their ancestors, and they despised all His warnings. They worshiped worthless idols, so they became worthless themselves. They followed the example of the nations around them, disobeying the Lord’s command not to imitate them.     –2 Kings 17: 14-15

It’s so easy to read these two verses and say, “Those bad Israelites, they were so stubborn.

  • Why did they refuse to believe in the Lord?
  • Why didn’t they obey His decrees and keep the covenant their ancestors had made?
  • Why didn’t they listen to warnings from Almighty God?
  • Why in the world would they worship idols when they had the one true God to worship?
  • Why would they act like the nations around them when they were God’s chosen people?

I wonder what future generations will think about the 21 century church.

Will they say—

  • Why did they refuse to believe God and allow Him to be the Lord of their lives?
  • Why didn’t they obey His decrees and keep the covenant when they had a Bible in every room of their house?
  • Why didn’t they listen to the warnings written in Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation?
  • Why in the world would they worship the idols of time, pleasure, and materialism when they had the one true God to worship?
  • Why would they act like the people of the world when they had been rescued by Jesus Christ and given the Holy Spirit to help them become who God planned for them to be?

They worshiped worthless idols, so they became worthless themselves.

Father, we don’t want to become worthless!  Show us the idols in our lives.  Draw us to you Lord.  Help us not to be deceived.  Use us for Your Glory today!

In Jesus Name.  Amen and Amen!


© 2012 Dianne Guthmuller


Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 1:21 through Isaiah 5:30

Things God Hates…It May Surprise You–Proverbs 6:16-19

Today’s Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 5:1 through Proverbs 7:27

When my kids were little I was a fanatic about teaching them to respect other people.  I literally had them thinking words like dumb, stupid and shut up were curse words.  Another biggie was the word, “hate.”  They would definitely get in trouble if they said they hated another person.

In today’s reading God used the word “hate.”

God didn’t say He hated a person or a people group, but there are some things people do that really irritate Him.

So, if we are Christ followers and He hates “stuff,” we should probably hate it too.

Here are seven things God hates in Proverbs 6: 16-19

  • Haughty eyes
  • A lying tongue
  • Hands that kill the innocent
  • A heart that plots evil
  • Feet that race to do  wrong
  • A false witness who pours out lies
  • A person who sows discord in a family

In verse 16, Solomon said there are six things the Lord hates—no, seven things he detests.  The commentaries I read said this pattern of writing (six…seven) was to let the reader know that this wasn’t an exhaustive list.  In other words, there are more things the Lord hates.  But I think this list deserves our attention.

The last one struck a chord with me.

  “A person who sows discord in a family”

This says a lot about the importance God places on the family. We all know that the biblically created family unit is under tremendous attack. From this scripture it should be clear we need to fight to protect it. But before we get our signs and head to Washington, we need to sweep around our own front door.

Do you know of any mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters who refuse to speak to one another?

Do you know family members who gossip back and forth to stir up trouble?

How about adult brothers and sisters whose hearts are filled with jealousy?

Do you know divorced moms and dads who make life miserable for their children because they’re too selfish to “let it go?”

God hates this; we must stop it!

If you have been divorced make every effort to let the past go; your kids have suffered enough.  Let their weddings, children’s’ births, and birthdays be joyous occasions that aren’t about you and your ex’s “stuff.”  Get over it!

Let’s make a pack that we will guard our families at all costs and work with everything we have to create peace.  Don’t major on minors and ask God for grace and guidance to keep discord from growing like a cancer in our families.

Holy Spirit, illuminate the areas in our lives that you hate.  Show us, then help us to overcome it.  Jesus, I especially pray for families; help us as Christians to realize our family is our first mission field.

Help us to love like you love!

In Your Holy Name.  Amen and Amen!


Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 8:1 through Proverbs 10:32

Are We “Doin’ it for the Fame?”–1 Kings 10:1

Today’s Scripture Reading:  2 Chronicles 8: 1-18; 1 Kings 9: 15 through 1 Kings 10: 13; 2 Chronicles 9: 1-12, 1 Kings 10: 14-29; 2 Chronicles 9: 13-28; 2 Chronicles 1: 14-17

What comes to mind when you see the word “fame?”  It probably depends on your age.  The first thing I thought of was the title song to “Fame, the Musical,” but when I typed the word in my Google search box I was introduced to another fame song by Lady Gaga.  What better person to talk about fame in 2012 than the self-proclaimed fame monster herself!

Here are eight lines of “The Fame” by Lady Gaga:

I can’t help myself

I’m addicted to a life of material

It’s some kind of joke

I’m obsessively opposed to the typical

 Fame doin’ it for the fame

’cause we wanna live the life of the rich and famous

Fame doin’ it for the fame

’cause we gotta taste for champagne and endless fortune


Unfortunately, for many this is a description of the American dream, and yes, they’re “doing it for the fame.”

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition defines fame as public estimation.

Is seeking public opinion a bad thing?

Is fame something we should run away from like a dreaded addiction?

The word fame occurs 24 times in the Bible (KJV).  It was used to describe God, Jesus, David, Joshua, Solomon and a handful of others.  A true hall of “fame!”  Just for fun do a Google search on “the top 5 most famous people of 2011” and see how they stand up the biblical hall of fame.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

It took a lot to be famous in the Bible; very few could read or write. There were no T.V.s, phones, email, or internet.  It was strictly word of mouth.  The queen of Sheba lived over a thousand miles from King Solomon and she had heard of his fame.  Wow, that was some game of gossip!

I think the answer to our fame questions lie in this verse:

When the queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s fame, which brought honor to the name of the Lord, she came to test him with hard questions.    —1 Kings 10: 1

The type of fame that Solomon had was a good thing because it brought honor to the name of the Lord.  In everything we’ve read so far Solomon wasn’t seeking fame, he was doing the job he was called to do—building the Temple of the Lord.

From Solomon’s example running to fame is not what wise people do. Fame should have to search for us and it should always find us bringing honor to the Lord.

We’re going to find later in the life of Solomon that fame is part of the “success test” and it is something that few can handle.

But for now, here’s the last word on fame:

  • Be about God’s purpose and calling for your life
  • Bring honor to the name of the Lord in everything you do
  • If fame finds you make him ride in the trunk  🙂


Blessings in Jesus!



Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  1 Kings 4: 1-34; Psalm 72; Psalm 127

Can You Handle Success? 1 Chronicles 29: 25

Today’s Scripture Reading:  Psalm 83; 1 Chronicles 29:23-25; 2 Chronicles 1:1; 1 Kings 2: 13 through 3:4; 2 Chronicles 1: 2-6; 1 Kings 3: 5-15; 2 Chronicles 1:7-13

What if


were more successful than any person before you?

How would you handle the test of success?

In today’s scripture, a story begins to unfold that shows us how one man handled success.  It will take a few days of reading to find out if he passed his test, but there’s plenty to learn from his first date with success!

And the Lord exalted Solomon in the sight of all Israel, and he gave Solomon greater royal splendor than any king in Israel before him.   –1 Chronicles 29:25

Solomon was very young when he became king.  Scholars can’t seem to agree on his age; I saw everything from eight to twenty years old—let’s just say he was a “very young”  king of Israel.  At this young age Solomon had three important things going for him:

  • Solomon had a great example to follow, his father king David
  • Solomon loved the Lord and followed all the decrees of his father, David… –1 Kings 3:3
  • He saw the importance of teaching his leaders to consult the Lord.   — 2 Chronicles 1:2-3

Everything seemed was going well for Solomon and then things went from good to great!

God appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, “What do you want?  Ask, and I will give it to you!” –1 Kings 3:5

Okay folks, Solomon was twenty; think about the average twenty-year old of today, what would he ask for?

Probably not what Solomon asked for—

  • An understanding heart
  • To know the difference between right and wrong

The Lord was pleased and granted him his request.  God also gave Solomon what he did not ask for—riches and fame!

From what we’ve read, it seems that Solomon saw his success as a responsibility to lead well, not a license to rule over others.

I’d say that so far Solomon is handing success pretty well.

I am reminded of another person who was shown his future through a dream—Joseph. **See January 14th post, “When Our Dreams are Shattered”

Joseph didn’t do as well as Solomon; as soon as he woke up from his dream he immediately told his father and brothers that they would be bowing down to him.   I guess it’s safe to say that Joseph wouldn’t have asked for wisdom if he’d been in Solomon’s position.  I guess that’s why Joseph had 13 years of “pride removal” in a jail cell.

If your future was as bright as Solomon’s or Joseph’s, would God be able to use you immediately like Solomon, because you knew where you wisdom came from, or would you have gone to prison with Joseph for pride removal?

Lord, I believe you have a special success plan for each of us.  Help us to seek You and the tools that Solomon desired–an understanding heart and the wisdom to know what’s right and wrong, so that we will be ready to handle the success You have for us.

In Jesus Name!  Amen and Amen.

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  1 Kings 3: 16-28; 1 Kings 5: 1-18; 2 chronicles 2: 1-18; 1 Kings 6: 1-13; 2 Chronicles 3: 1-14; 1 Kings 6: 14-38



Famous Last Words: Nothing Can Stop Me Now! Psalms 30:6-7

Today’s Scripture Reading:  Psalms 35 through 38

“Nothing Can Stop Me Now!”  Have you ever thought or said those words?

David did:

When I was prosperous I said, “Nothing can stop me now!” Your favor; O Lord, made me as secure as a mountain.  Then you turned away from me, and I was shattered.
                                                                                                                                     Psalms 30: 6-7

It is understandable how the pride of success could overtake David; he had a lot going for him:

  • A successful shepherd at a young age
  • Had killed lions and bears
  • Killed the giant Goliath
  • Was chosen over King Saul and all his brothers to be the King of Israel
  • A charismatic leader who always had a following
  • Won many battles and conquered great kingdoms
  • Had many beautiful wives and concubines
  • An accomplished musician and songwriter

This is by no means a complete list; these are just the first things that came to mind.  I’ve heard it said that success is a greater test of character than failure.  It definitely seemed true in David’s life, when he was running from Saul and hiding in caves, he was closely in tune with God, but when his kingdom was secure and he had reached his goals then he began to think and act like, “nothing can stop me now!”

When God’s favor is on your life it’s easy to think you did it all yourself, but when that favor is no longer there you are left with what you brought to the party…not much.

In 1993, I had just won my first pink Cadillac with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  It seemed that everything I touched turned to gold.  I had been in MK eight years and had won four cars.  I had found my sweet spot.  I was an expert in my region and had many opportunities to speak and teach! I held team meetings every week and I could run that meeting with little preparation…EVERYTHING WAS SO EASY!

I always gave God the credit for my success, but I mistakenly thought my God-given talents, gifts, and abilities were the reason for my success not the favor and blessing of God.  It’s like the principle of sowing and reaping, we sow our talents, gifts and abilities but it is GOD who gives the increase.

Just like David I thought, “Nothing can stop me now!” And just like David, the same thing that stopped him, stopped me; God lifted His hand of favor from my Mary Kay career.  The Holy Spirit told me the Mary Kay season was over, but my identity was so wrapped up in being a Sales Director, I didn’t listen and set out on my own.  Bad decision— When God’s favor left so did my passion, confidence, joy, and success.

Finally, four years after God told me to resign my unit; a broke, depressed, lifeless daughter crawled into the lap of her Heavenly Father and turned over the reigns of her life to Him.  It was amazing as soon as I “let go” He began something new that led to an amazing second career!

Two and a half years ago I again heard God speak and tell me to leave my second career; this time I listened.  Was it scary?  Most definitely, but it would have been scarier to stay.   Do I know what God has for this next season?  I’m not sure, but I’ve learned what Moses experienced, “as long as the Lord’s leading, I’m going!”  Exodus 33: 15-16

I say with David, “Lord, your favor is as secure as the mountain;” let me live there the rest of my days!

 ©2012, Dianne Guthmuller

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading:  Psalms 39 through 41; Psalms 53, 55, 58

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