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Lord, I’m in a Battle. I Need Your Help—1 Chronicles 5:20


Today’s Scripture Reading: 1 Chronicles 5:18-26, 1 Chronicles 6:3b, 49, 4-15, 1 Chronicles 7:1-8:28

Heavenly Father, it’s 2 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Some nights I just can’t turn off my brain. I’m fine until I get in the horizontal position and then it starts. The lists; to-do lists, project lists, and lists of things troubling my mind. No, I’m not in a physical battle like the armies of Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh but there’s a battle—it’s in my mind.

They cried out to God during the battle, and he answered their prayer because they trusted in him. So the Hagrites and all their allies were defeated. —1 Chronicles 5:20

Lord, I’m crying out to You. There are some really big needs in my life. I can’t solve these problems. If You don’t show up we will be lost. We will lose the battle.

During my sleepless times I analyze these needs, looks for ways to fix them, tell myself to “let it go,” pray, and attempt to rest in Your peace.  I tell myself to trust You–You’ve got this.

But, sometimes I can’t “let it go.” I can’t rest in Your peace.

I know it’s my problem. I know it’s a lack of trust.

Lord, You are trustworthy. You’ve proven over and over that You always have my best interest in everything You allow to come into my life. You work this out for Your Glory and my good. Holy Spirit, I know there are things You are trying to teach me during these battles. I want to be a fast learner. Speak loudly and clearly.

Help me to trust You with my whole heart.

Lord, I give my list of battles to You. I am trusting You with the outcome.

Jesus, hear my prayer.

©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading; 1 Chronicles 8:29-9:1a, Daniel 4:1-37, Ezekiel 40:1-37

Lord, Display Your Holiness Through Me—Ezekiel 20:41-42


Today’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 20:1-22:16

Heavenly Father, the word holiness brings back all kinds of memories: A preacher my parents watched on Sunday mornings, bare faces, long skirts and sneakers, up-dos and long hair, Mrs, Holley the lunchroom lady at my school, the church next to my house as a teenager…too many to list.

My memories were mostly about people’s efforts to display their holiness. I’ve never thought You were displaying Your holiness through their lives except maybe Mrs Holley, the lunchroom lady. She seemed like an angel to me.

When I bring you home from exile, you will be like a pleasing sacrifice to me. And I will display my holiness through you as all the nations watch. Then when I have brought you home to the land I promised with a solemn oath to give to your ancestors, you will know that I am the Lord. —Ezekiel 20:41-42

I looked up the word holiness in my Bible dictionary and it means to be consecrated, dedicated, set apart. Lord, I want to be consecrated, dedicated and set apart for You. I want Your holiness displayed in my life.

This passage says YOU will display YOUR holiness. Is there anything I need to do?

Lord, You don’t really answer my question in these verses but I think You’ve answered it over and over in our journey through Your Word this year.

If I…





You will do the rest.

Lord, I’m trusting You to display Your holiness through me as the world watches.

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!

©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 22:17-23:49, 2 Kings 24:20b-25:2, Jeremiah 52:3b-5, Jeremiah 39:1, Ezekiel 24:1-14

Lord, Give Me Discernment As I Encourage Others—Ezekiel 13:22

images-1 Today’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 10:1-13:23

Heavenly Father, encouragement is a powerful communication tool that motivates and inspires. You challenge us throughout the scriptures to encourage one another. This verse validates the power of our words.

You have discouraged the righteous with your lies, but I didn’t want them to be sad. And you have encouraged the wicked by promising them life, even though they continue in their sins. —Ezekiel 13:22

Lord, encouraging others comes naturally to me but just like all the gifts You give us we need Your discernment. Encouragement and it’s antonym discouragement are tools that can be used for to build up and tear down.

How many times have I made a comment to  a friend, work associate, family member or stranger on the street that knowingly or unknowingly caused them to allow discouragement to fill their heart?


How many times have I encouraged someone in their sins through my words and actions (or lack of words or actions) causing them to see it as approval of their poor choices?

Holy Spirit, I need You. Without Your direction, counsel, and correction I can do more harm than good.

Take control of what I say, O Lord,
and guard my lips. —Psalm 141:3

Lord, I trust You to get Your will accomplished through my life today.

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!

©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 14:1-16:63

Lord, I Don’t Want to Ignore the Obstacles You Put in My Way—Ezekiel 3:20


Today’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 3:16-4:17, Jeremiah 27:1-28:17, Jeremiah 51:59-64

Heavenly Father, while this verse concerns a particular time in the Jew’s captivity and it’s before Jesus came and redeemed us, I see a clue into Your nature.

“If righteous people turn away from their righteous behavior and ignore the obstacles I put in their way, they will die. And if you do not warn them, they will die in their sins. None of their righteous acts will be remembered, and I will hold you responsible for their deaths. —Ezekiel 3:20


the God of the Universe,

the One, True God who knows the beginning, middle, and end…

puts obstacles in our way to get Your Will accomplished in our lives.

So, sometimes when I’m rebuking Satan for getting in my way, it might be You using obstacles to goad (an instrument shepherds used to direct the sheep) me in the direction You want me to go.

The apostle Paul (Saul before his conversion) learned this lesson on the road to Damascus. Saul, was a Pharisee, one of the very religious of the day. He continually fought every obstacle that came his way in the name of religion, until this “come to Jesus” meeting…

We all fell down, and I heard a voice saying to me in Aramaic, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? It is useless for you to fight against my will.’ —Acts 26:14

Lord, I know I have an enemy who uses obstacles to attempt to destroy my soul, but I also know You use obstacles to change my direction. Holy Spirit, give me supernatural wisdom to recognize Your leading and submit to Your obstacles and not turn away from righteous behavior.

Jesus, I trust You to get Your Will accomplished in my life.

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!


©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 5:1-9:11

Lord, I’m Afraid to Surrender—Jeremiah 38:19-23


Today’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 37:11-38:28, Ezekiel 1:1-3:15

Heavenly  Father, surrender is such a negative word. We equate it with failure, lack of effort, and weakness but sometimes surrender is our only option for survival. Our surrender is God’s way of getting His Will accomplished in our lives. Such is the case in this message Jeremiah gave to King Zedekiah.


“But I am afraid to surrender,” the king said, “for the Babylonians may hand me over to the Judeans who have defected to them. And who knows what they will do to me!”

Jeremiah replied, “You won’t be handed over to them if you choose to obey the Lord. Your life will be spared, and all will go well for you. But if you refuse to surrender, this is what the Lord has revealed to me: All the women left in your palace will be brought out and given to the officers of the Babylonian army. Then the women will taunt you, saying,

‘What fine friends you have!
They have betrayed and misled you.
When your feet sank in the mud,
they left you to your fate!’

All your wives and children will be led out to the Babylonians, and you will not escape. You will be seized by the king of Babylon, and this city will be burned down.” —Jeremiah 38:19-23

Lord, surrender is a key discipline in knowing You and serving You. Our first surrender comes when we accept You as our Savior and from that day forward we are constantly surrendering our will to Your will.

I am currently in a season of surrender and just like King Zedekiah I’m playing the “what if” game. Lord, if I obey, trust, and surrender it may not turn out the way “I” want it to. I’m afraid people I love will be hurt if I don’t take control of the situation. Can You lay out Your plan for me BEFORE I surrender?

Lord, I’m sure You’re laughing. I know, that wouldn’t be surrender, that would be negotiation. Help me to overcome my fear and completely surrender this situation to You.

Jesus, You are the greatest example of surrender. Teach me, coach me, and convict me to follow Your example of surrendering my will to the will of my Heavenly Father.

“Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” —Luke 22:42

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!


©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 3:16-4:17, Jeremiah 27:1-28:17, Jeremiah 51:59-64

Lord, Exile Seems Like Punishment—Jeremiah 24: 4-10


Today’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 23:33-24:10, Jeremiah 29:1-31:14

Heavenly Father, the more I read Your Word the more I realize how complex, intricate, and amazing You are! This scripture passage is yet another example of “Your ways are higher than my ways!”

Then the Lord gave me this message:“This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: The good figs represent the exiles I sent from Judah to the land of the Babylonians. I will watch over and care for them, and I will bring them back here again. I will build them up and not tear them down. I will plant them and not uproot them. I will give them hearts that recognize me as the Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me wholeheartedly.

“But the bad figs,” the Lord said, “represent King Zedekiah of Judah, his officials, all the people left in Jerusalem, and those who live in Egypt. I will treat them like bad figs, too rotten to eat. I will make them an object of horror and a symbol of evil to every nation on earth. They will be disgraced and mocked, taunted and cursed, wherever I scatter them. And I will send war, famine, and disease until they have vanished from the land of Israel, which I gave to them and their ancestors.” —Jeremiah 24:4-10

You leave the “bad figs” in their homeland and send the “good figs” away. I’m sure the Jewish people must have been so confused. The “bad figs” thought You were endorsing their behavior by letting them stay. The “good figs” felt as though You were punishing them because You sent them away. Both groups were completely wrong!

Lord, this is a huge lesson for me. How many times do I see a situation through my humanness and think You have forsaken me! Just like the Jewish people, there have been many times when You sent me away from a relationship, job, community, ministry or church and I felt cast aside, abandoned, and mistreated only to realize months or years later that You divinely rescued me.

Lord, I trust You.

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!


©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 31:15-40, Jeremiah 49:34-51:14

Lord, Help Me to Handle This Situation With Wisdom and Discretion—Daniel 2:14-16


Today’s Scripture Reading: Daniel 2:1-3:30, Jeremiah 71:1-8:3

Heavenly Father, wisdom and discretion are character traits that are missing in many of Your followers. Our culture has conditioned us to think, if we think it we should say it—unfiltered and unrehearsed. Daniel’s life is a shining example of the power of wisdom and discretion. In today’s story wisdom and discretion saved Daniel’s life and the lives of many Babylonians and Jews.

When Arioch, the commander of the king’s guard, came to kill them, Daniel handled the situation with wisdom and discretion. He asked Arioch, “Why has the king issued such a harsh decree?” So Arioch told him all that had happened. Daniel went at once to see the king and requested more time to tell the king what the dream meant. —Daniel 2:14-16

Lord, I have a situation that I need Your supernatural wisdom and discernment. I have so many thoughts running through my head. Only You Lord can sort through them and help me to know how to think and feel. Only You know what should be said and what should be cast into the sea of forgetfulness.

Take control of what I say, O Lord,
and guard my lips. —Psalm 141:3

Lord, sometimes I don’t trust my judgment but I trust You to get Your will accomplished in my day!

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!

©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 8:4-11:23

Lord, Haven’t I Had Enough Pain Already?—Jeremiah 45:3-5


Today’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 25:15-38, Jeremiah 36:1-32, Jeremiah 45:1-46:28


Heavenly Father, Your Word is the greatest gift You gave us other than Your Son. How does my time with You in Your Word ALWAYS speak to where I am and ALWAYS encourage me? I don’t understand HOW it happens but I KNOW it does.

I spoke words very similar to these yesterday:

You have said, ‘I am overwhelmed with trouble! Haven’t I had enough pain already? And now the Lord has added more! I am worn out from sighing and can find no rest.’ —Jeremiah 45:3

Lord, as I read Your message to Baruch I tried to figure out how it could apply to my life…

“Baruch, this is what the Lord says: ‘I will destroy this nation that I built. I will uproot what I planted. Are you seeking great things for yourself? Don’t do it! I will bring great disaster upon all these people; but I will give you your life as a reward wherever you go. I, the Lord, have spoken!’” —Jeremiah 45:4-5

These are the thoughts running through my head:

  • My life isn’t just about me, my wants, desires, comfort and needs. There’s a bigger plan (Don’t seek great things for myself).
  • If I keep my eyes on You, my life will be a reward for the trouble and pain

Jesus, I know there’s a purpose for the pain. I’ve seen it happen over and over in my life. Seeing You use my pain and suffering to “work all things together for my good” (Romans 8:28) has been a reward for the tough times but they’re still tough times.

Yes, I’m overwhelmed.

Yes, there’s been a lot of pain.

Yes, I’m worn out.

Yes, I need some rest.


Lord, I see this life through a pin-hole. You see the beginning, middle and the end. I KNOW You know what You’re doing. Knowing that everything about my life has a purpose, including the pain—especially the pain, gives eternal meaning to each day. Sounds like the “The Purpose Driven Life to me!

Lord, it’s a new day! Let’s do it!

I trust You.

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!



©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 19:1-20:18, Daniel 1:1-21

Lord, Do With Me As You Think Best—Jeremiah 26:12-15


Today’s Scripture Reading: 2 Chronicles 36:1-4, 2 Kings 23:31-37, 2 Chronicles 36:5, Jeremiah 22:1-23, Jeremiah 26:1-24, 2 Kings 24:1-4, Jeremiah 25:1-14

Heavenly Father, the level of faith, trust, and confidence Jeremiah had in the message You gave him, the boldness he had to proclaim that message and the peace he had in the outcome is humbling to say the least.

Then Jeremiah spoke to the officials and the people in his own defense. “The Lord sent me to prophesy against this Temple and this city,” he said. “The Lord gave me every word that I have spoken. But if you stop your sinning and begin to obey the Lord your God, he will change his mind about this disaster that he has announced against you. As for me, I am in your hands—do with me as you think best. But if you kill me, rest assured that you will be killing an innocent man! The responsibility for such a deed will lie on you, on this city, and on every person living in it. For it is absolutely true that the Lord sent me to speak every word you have heard.” —Jeremiah 26:12-15

But there’s more to this biblical principle…

At this time Uriah son of Shemaiah from Kiriath-jearim was also prophesying for the Lord. And he predicted the same terrible disaster against the city and nation as Jeremiah did. When King Jehoiakim and the army officers and officials heard what he was saying, the king sent someone to kill him. But Uriah heard about the plan and escaped in fear to Egypt. Then King Jehoiakim sent Elnathan son of Acbor to Egypt along with several other men to capture Uriah. They took him prisoner and brought him back to King Jehoiakim. The king then killed Uriah with a sword and had him buried in an unmarked grave. —Jeremiah 26:20-23

Lord, Jeremiah stood strong after he delivered the message You gave him. Uriah ran away in fear after he delivered Your message. Jeremiah lived, Uriah died.

Lord, fear is a destructive emotion. It paralyzes, it destroys, it steals Your best for us. It’s an epidemic in today’s world. I want the faith, trust, and confidence of Jeremiah to live each day of my life following Your leading. I want to walk through this life in peace.

Holy Spirit, help me to recognize the demon of fear as soon as it begins to creep into my mind. Teach me to fight fear through the power You have given me as Your child.

Lord, Jeremiah looked his possible assassins in the face and said “do with me as you think best.” I say, my Father, my creator, my Savior “do with me as YOU think best!”

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!


©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 25:15-38, Jeremiah 36:1-32, Jeremiah 45:1-46:28

Lord, Why Do Good People Die Before Their Time? —Isaiah 57:1-2



Today’s Scripture Reading: Isaiah 52:13- 57:21

Heavenly Father, so much about this life doesn’t make sense. Evil, suffering, death—there is no formula to follow. The evil live long lives, the good die prematurely. Pain and suffering happen to those who try so hard to avoid it and people who live on the edge and flirt with death seem to flourish.

Lord, I’ve served You and read Your Word long enough to know that there is no “one answer” to life’s hard questions. You are God and only You know “why” things happen but this scripture gives me insight and comfort. It shows me Your heart. It lets me know You are looking out for Your children’s best interest.

Good people pass away;
the godly often die before their time.
But no one seems to care or wonder why.
No one seems to understand
that God is protecting them from the evil to come.
For those who follow godly paths
will rest in peace when they die. —Isaiah 57:1-2

I’ve had people I love die “before their time.” I still shake my head in disbelief knowing they’re gone from this world. “It doesn’t make sense,” or “God doesn’t make sense” is the thought that crosses our minds. The longer I live and the more evil I see, the more I start to understand that it’s not You who doesn’t make sense, it’s living in this world that doesn’t make sense.

Father, once again I’m reminded that I see life through a pin-hole and You see and know it all. It all comes down to trust. Do I trust You to do what’s best for me and the people I love?


I don’t always trust You.

I want to trust You.

I need to trust You.

If I can’t trust You, who can I trust.

I’m trying to trust You.

I have moments of trusting You.

I’m learning to trust to more everyday!

Lord, help me to trust You when life doesn’t make sense.

In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!

©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

*Unless noted all scripture references are from the New Living Translation (NLT)
Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Isaiah 58:1-63:14

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