Lord, Remind Me that My Gifts Are Your Nourishment–Numbers 28:1-2

Today’s Scripture Reading: Numbers 27:1-29:40

Heavenly Father, I can’t believe what I read today:

The Lord said to Moses: Give these instructions to the people of Israel: The offerings you present as special gifts are a pleasing aroma to me; they are my food. —Numbers 28:1-2

The “New Living Translation” is the only version of the Bible I’ve found that uses these words: they are my food.  It gives me a glimpse into the importance of our prayers, prayers, offerings, and special gifts and abilities.

Lord, how can mere humans be so important to You?

Food is a word we understand very well.  We can’t live without it.  It gives us life and it gives us pleasure.  Father, are You saying that our offerings of worship gives You pleasure?  Is Your life is better because of our worship?

Lord, I offer myself you to today.  Use me in any way that pleases You.

In Jesus’ Name.  Amen and Amen!

©2014, Dianne Guthmuller

Tomorrow’s Scripture Reading: Numbers 30:1-31:54

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