Send your dreams Down the River

I have many dreams (aka goals, plans ambitions).  I believe many of them are special, God-given dreams.  But what do we do with our dreams when time has passed and we haven’t seen them come to fruition ?

Thanks to a self-study course written by Boyce Teas called “Women in Ministry” that I have been priviledged to preview before publication, I think I know what to do with my dreams–SEND THEM DOWN THE RIVER!!

Let me explain…

Have you ever heard of a woman in the Bible named Jochabed?  You may not recognized her name, but your probably know her — she’s Moses’ Mom.

If I were Jochabed I would have been praying for my unborn child to be a girl, because Pharoah, King of Egypt gave an order that every newborn Hebrew boy was to be thrown in the Nile River.  But when her baby boy was born and Jochabed saw that her son was a special child (Exodus 2:2 NLT) she began to think of a way to get around Pharoah’s decree.  I know all Moms think their children are special but this Mom believed in God and I believe the Lord instilled a dream of greatness in Jochabed’s heart for her son Moses.

So what did Jochabed do with her dream?

  • She hid her baby  for 3 months.  This would probably be wise advice for all of us when God gives us a dream–keep it to ourselves for awhile.  Can I be the first one to say that most times I’m more like Joseph (Genesis 37) than Jochabed?  I’ll  talk about my dreasm to anybody who will listen. 


  •  She made preparations to launch her dream. She didn’t just sit around and fret.  She made a plan and got busy.  Exodus 2: 1-4, shows how Jochabed devised her plan:
    • How (made a waterproof basket)
    • Where  (place the baby in the basket in the Nile River)
    • What  (keep the baby from being killed)
    • When  ( the baby was 3 months old and too big to keep quiet)
    • Who  (Jochabed personally put the baby in the water and then had the baby’s sister, Miriam watch over him)


  • She never let her dream out of her sight.  I’m sure the plan was for her and Miriam to continuously watch over this baby 24/7


  • She believed God to make her dream a reality. Jochabed and her husband, Amram were from the tribe of Levi.  The tribe of Levi will later become God’s chosen people to be the priests of the Jewish nation–they believed God!

Can you get in touch with the faith it took for Jochabed to launch that basket in the water?  As Boyce Teas says, “under God’s all seeing eyes, Moses was as safe as he would have been in his mother’s arms.  Until Jochabed released that child into God’s care the next step in God’s plan could not take place.  When she put the basket in the water Jochabed was no longer in control of her son’s destiny.”

Until we are willing to release our dream into God’s loving care we can’t expect God to bring it to pass.  What dream do you need to “send down the river” today?

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  1. Harry February 12, 2009 at 6:23 am #


    This is awesome, thought provoking and worth further examination and discussion. Boyce really hit a homerun with his study didn’t he !!

    Love you !!

  2. alexa miles February 15, 2009 at 7:03 pm #

    nana i want to write a story,In the time of the pharaohs the israelites suffered from ,lack of water,food, and freedom.So,GOD sent Moses to free GODS peo[ple.when Moses told pharaoh(Moses step brother) to free Gods people pharaoh did not listen .After that , Moses told the pharaoh to let GODS people go!But pharaoh kept repeating the same thing….NOO!that made GOD very angry so GOD sent thousands of frogs,gnats,flies,sickness,and sores .HE also turned all the water into blood!!!!!!!!!But pharaoh pushed the limite!THEN that night god had killed all the first born.(killed the first one born).and split the temple in half.the very next morning everything was quiet as the grass.THE pharaoh was also very sad because his only son was also dead as many other first born.whenMoses came to say let gods people go he noticed how sad his brother was.then pharaoh said ‘you want me to let gods people go’.fine go. you have my purmission to go.he said.then moses was about to speak whenpharaOH SHOUTED gO!!!!!!!!!!WHEN MOSES got out he started to cry.then when he saw his sister marian he smiled. then when they gathered up all the slaves they started their journey to the red sea.when they could see the red sea every one worried on how to get acrossed.then moses came out and stuck his stick in the air and placed it in the sea.then all of a suuden the sea split in halfs. when they started crossing they heard the soldiars,the stamping of the horses, andthe pharaoh yelling……’kill them, kill them all’! then every body started panicing into the split sea!then god washed out the soldrers and the pharaoh .but pharaohwashed againest a rock. when all the slaves got to the promise land they ceebrated with a party. examt moses he was sorry for his brother. pharaoh was screaming …….MOSES,MOSEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Dianne Guthmuller February 15, 2009 at 8:11 pm #

    Thank you for telling the rest of Moses’ story! You are a great writer. God has blessed me with you as my granddaughter!

    I Love You!

  4. Dianne Guthmuller February 15, 2009 at 8:11 pm #

    Thank you for telling the rest of Moses’ story! You are a great writer. God has blessed me with you as my granddaughter!

    I Love You!

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